Maldivian Consulate in Thiruvananthapuram

Consulate of Maldives in Thiruvananthapuram was established on 12 July 2005. The Consulate works under direction of Maldives High Commission in Delhi and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Maldives. The main reason to establish consulate in Thiruvanthapuram was the high number of migrant Maldivian population in Thiruvanthapuram and Kerala State. Main objective to establish Consulate is to assist Maldivians, Maldivian students and those Maldivians who visit Thiruvanathapuram or Kerala State. Our highest priority is to protect the lives and interests of Maldivian citizens in Thiruvananthapuram. We serve our fellow citizens during their most important moments - births, deaths, disasters, arrests, and medical emergencies.

Mission Statement
The mission of the Maldives Consulate is to strengthen the Maldives traditional alliance with India, which dates back over 50 years. Key elements of our mission are to:
  Seek the security and prosperity of the Maldivian people.
  Represent the Maldives and strive to further Maldives goals by engagement with political, economic, and cultural leaders and through local outreach.
  Promote greater understanding and a dialogue between the Indian people in all walks of life and Maldivians.
  Serve visiting and resident Maldivians.
  Assist Indian and foreign nationals who wish to visit the Maldives.
  To promote and facilitate trade and investment exchanges between Maldives and the sothern region of India;

Ali Adam

Consul - Consulate of Maldives

our latest news

Futsal Tournament to celebrate Eid al-Adha in Trivandrum

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13 September 2016; Maldivian Youths residing in Thiruvananthapuram hosts a 5 on 5 Futsal Tournament today, to celebrate ? Eid al-Adha 1437H. The tournament was held at the RCC playground, from 0800hrs – 1800hrs on Tuesday. Riders lifts the trophy as champion of the 5 on 5 Futsal Tournament. Winning team was awarded with champion trophy and cash prize of Rs. 20,000/-. Trophy, cheque and certificate…

Consulate held Family Evening to celebrate Eid al-Adha in Trivandrum

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12 September 2016; Consulate hosts a family evening today, to celebrate ? Eid al-Adha 1437H. The gathering was held at the Ramanathan Krishnan Tennis Complex, Kumarapuram, from 1530hrs – 1800hrs on Monday evening. At the gathering, various kids’ games were performed and verities of activities are specialised for adults and parents. At the end of each activity winners are awarded with gifts. Gifts…

51st anniversary of Independence of Maldives

Consulate of Maldives in Thiruvananthapuram organized a reception to mark 51st anniversary of Independence of Maldives today. Maldives became protectorate of British Crown in 1887 under a protection agreement in which Sultan accepted British influence over Maldives external relations and defense. However, due to British crowns overpowering influence in internal affairs of the Maldives, the then Prime…